Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Day and Orange Yolks

Cute little Sena, She is a high spirited little girl
Ben and I gave ourselves a nice, easy day, today.
We spent the morning with the Saito family. Ben played video games with Aren, and Sena entertained me most of the morning.

Aren and his cousins trying to figure out the video games.

The room has a really high ceiling, and a cool loft.
Ben and my room at the Saito's house

Pachinko is a type of gambling
For your little kobitos.
Ben and I went on a short walk and found a pachinko place. We thought it was really funny that there was an attached children's center.

Billboard with dirrerent types of ramen. Notice the red egg yolks.

 Eggs here have very orange yolks. At first I thought it was an aesthetic thing done for pictures, but when we cooked eggs the raw yolk started out almost red, and once cooked all the way it looked very orange. According to the Japanese, chickens fed too many antibiotics produce yellow yolks.

Apple tea is weird

These Fancy Pants apples were very well protected.

Ben and I had fast food for lunch. It was cheap, but not particularly tasty.


  1. Huzzah for an easy going day. It's hard to remember to take them. I had no idea that the yolks of Japanese chicken eggs were so very orange. Sorry to hear lunch this day wasn't as tasty, but I suppose not everyday can absolutely delicious food. Are the "fancy pants" apples gift apples?


    1. Hey Steve,
      It was nice to have an easy day. There seems to be a hierarchy of apples here, the bigger they are the more expensive from what I can tell so far. There were gift apples too, they came with a fancy bag.

  2. Correction!
    Katie and I have figured out that fruit here is priced based on quality. The more expensive, the more delicious.