Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The first day of fall is a national holiday here in Japan. It fell on a Saturday this year, so I don't know if people usually get a day off of work, but the day is marked as a holiday in calendars. The best part is that fall actually started on that day, Friday 80+ degrees out and insanely humid, Saturday was in the low 70's, the nights are in the 60's, which means that I am sleeping like a rock!
I love fall, it is my favorite season, and now that it is not tainted with a dread of mid-terms I feel everyday is worth celebrating.
The food is really good now too, the local vegetables are in season right now, and many of the local gardeners offer us their delicious bell peppers, and purple sweet potatoes as we enjoy the new fall air.
September might just be the perfect month to be in Japan.

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