Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hakone: Kinreisou Hotel

Ben and my hotel in Hakone was great, it was a tiny little hotel with only two guest rooms. We were in the smaller of the two rooms, but it was still very spacious. It was a traditional Japanese style room, with tatami mat flooring. There was a small low table in the center of the room, with all the settings for tea. 

Ben and I haven't spent many nights in hotels before, so we don't really know the terms. Our booking receipt told us that we had booked 1 room, with a half-board, we had no idea what that ment, and were delighted to find out it ment dinner and breakfast were provided with our stay. 

The dinner was devine, it was a absolute feast, and every component was amazing. The breakfast the next morning was also excellent. The meals were a perfect end and start to days of tourism. I usually skip the complimentary breakfasts at hotels in America because they make me very sick, but the breakfast was healthy and delicious. 

The hotel also had a wonderful hot springs bath in it. It was great for Ben and I because the rules of the rules of this bath were much more enjoyable for honeymooners than any of the others around Hakone. Mixed gender bathing was acceptable, and the bath was private. Many Japanese hot springs charge a small fortune for private baths. 

The hotel was in our budget (which is impressive), and the stay was amazing. It was beyond perfect for any young couple on a budget. 


  1. Hi, May i know the rate of Kinreisou Hotel?

    Thank You

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