Monday, October 29, 2012

Care Bear

Halloween is this Wednesday  and so in my classes this week the students are having Halloween parties. Students know of halloween, but everything they have learned about Halloween has been through disney. There is no fear factor to Halloween. 

I love halloween. My favorite part is putting on insane makeup. I asked permission at all of my schools to go whole hog with the costumes, and each school gave me an excited thumbs up. I have two costumes this year one is a care bear, the other is a witch. 

The teachers and kids absolutely loved my care bear costume today. The teachers had never seen anything like it, and the kids squeeled like rabid fans when they saw me. Many students doubled over in laughter, and most just stared open mouthed at me. 

I found the costume at a Don Quixote for 1000 yen (about $10) the makeup is only blush and eyeliner. All in all I spent 1400 yen on the whole costume, and I love it.

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