Monday, September 2, 2013

Fiesta in San Sabation de los Reyes

Ben and I went to another celebration this weekend. This one was just outside of Madrid, in San Sabastion de los Reyes. This celebration was even more impressive than the others, there were tons of rides, tons of food, and lots of drinking. This celebration was in preparation for a running of the bulls, on Saturday morning, but we did not make it to that part.

It was more of a commitment to go to this celebration than the others because once we were out there we couldn't return home until the trains opened at six in the morning.
Ben and I had a great time. I was in awe of how unlike America the festival was, people were walking around with booze, getting on rides you could clearly injure yourself on, and dancing in the streets.
You could win a leg of Jamon!
My favorite of all the unlike America rides were the bumper cars. Instead of forming a line and waiting until an attendant told you which car to enter. Everyone waited until most of the cars stopped, and then it was a free for all to get into a car before they started crashing into each other again. The bumper cars went way faster then the cars in the states, which meant the crashes were much more intense. One of the times we were hit, I fell most of the way out of the car. I have bruises from the ride, but I would definitely go on it again. Spaniards don't really scream on rides, and not at all in the bumper cars, but my (American) friend and I couldn't help ourselves, every time we were about to crash, we would start screaming. Once the other riders noticed our disproportionate responses to the crashes, we became the targets, which was both fun and terrifying.

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