Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parque del Retiro

Today felt good! Ben and I finally made it over to Parque del Retiro, a big park less then a 20 minute walk from our apartment. Today was a perfect day to go, it was hot in the sun, and a perfect temperature in the shade. We got there at about noon, and ended up spending the entire day there. The park is massive, you could walk all day in there and still have things to do the next. A portion of it is French style, but the majority is much more open and natural. 


The statues in the park are amazing, more dynamic than most monuments I have seen. The fountains are also impressive,variety of styles, from traditional Greek themes, to geysers.

It's made of money and bones...
 There are a few buildings in the park, that contain art exhibits. We went into one that had some modern installations, most of which either freaked me out, or greatly annoyed me. I really didn’t like them. The Crystal Palace which usually contains art was preparing for its next installation, so we weren’t able to go in. It looked beautiful empty, so I look forward to coming back when it is full of art. 

Ben and I knew we wanted a break from the hustle of the city, and packed our lunch, books, and cameras for the park. We like many of the other visitors, took a lovely siesta on the soft grass. It was very rejuvenating to be removed from the sounds of traffic, pedestrians, and street vendors. 

In the park there were many fantastic musicians. There is an outstanding level of musicianship in this country, and it is a treat to be able to walk through a beautiful landscape, while listening to outstanding musicians.

Memorial for the March 11th victims

Hasta luego Parque del Retiro!

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