Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweat and Body Odor

It's getting hotter here in Japan, and with that comes all the pleasant physical compliments, ie sweat and body odor.

I have yet to find deodorant here in Japan. I have been told that their are sprays that are deodorants, but I haven't seen them yet. For the most part, Japanese people don't use deodorant. That sounds disgusting, and  smelly, but most Japanese people do not have body odor. It's amazing! Ben and I however do have body odor. We came prepared, we went to Walmart just before coming here and bought 12 sticks of deodorant. I am still super paranoid about being smelly, I feel like in a country of pleasantly odorless people, I may very well be the smelliest person they meet. I am hopeful that as of yet no-one has noticed any body odor from me, but I am still very cautious.

Japanese people do not seem to have body odor, but holy cow do they sweat! Today was a warmish day, I think the hottest it got was about 80 degrees fahrenheit. The teachers and students were sweating profusely. I asked my 3rd period class if they had just had gym class because they were so sweaty, they hadn't, they were just sweating. Sweat doesn't seem to gross out Japanese people as much as it does Americans. It's going to take some getting use to for me, but at least I wont feel so judged when I break a sweat walking to school.

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