Thursday, June 21, 2012


I live in a small town here in Japan. This small town shares a trait with every other small town I have been to: they don't drink enough water.
I carry a water bottle everywhere with me here in Japan. One of my best friends at home got me a really cute water bottle before I left for Japan, I like to carry it with me because it is useful and is a nice little reminder of home. People ask me all the time what I have in my water bottle, they often don't believe me that it's water. I'm not sure what other people put in their water bottles, but I never put anything but water in mine.
I really wish they did drink more water here. It's now officially really hot here, and they are miserable. Today, I had two students collapse in class, and one of the teachers collapsed in the teachers room. The teachers ask me how I stay so happy and energetic despite the heat. My answer is always, I drink lots of water. They don't believe me, but I will continue to spout my pro-water propaganda at them. I watch them reach for their 4th cup of coffee, with their entire body dragging like their pushing through the heat, and I laugh a little to myself.
Japanese elementary schools don't have air conditioning, or any other sort of cooling system. I feel really bad for them. I am barely affected by the heat that find unbearable. I know it's going to get hotter, and hopefully my magic cure will continue to work for me.


  1. You're starting to sound like our father. I love you.

  2. YAY Water! Good for you, also this post made my day ;)))))
    I'm sort of surprised with all of the ways the school seems to be health conscious that the kids are so dehydrated they collapse :( Keep cool!