Saturday, January 12, 2013

This cold is a pain in my ... knee!

Japan lacks the colorful terms of much colder places to describe the misery of being cold. My favorite way to complain about a cold day is to say "It's so cold out here, it could freeze the balls of a brass monkey".

Japan doesn't actually get that cold outside, but the lack of heating can chill you to the bone.

I don't have any heating at work, I'm not saying that there is no heating in schools, they have just determined that it is unnecessary to heat the english classroom because the students are only there for 45 minutes of the day. Unfortunately for me, I am in there all day everyday, and it's taking a toll on me. When I'm cold I shiver, my mouth doesn't move, but my legs shake, and after shaking for 4-6 hours a day, this can lead to pain.

When I walk now, my knee sounds like it's filled with bubble wrap, and yells at me anytime I take a step on it. My leg and knee are so sore, that I'm having trouble walking. My entire body is sore, but my knee is apparently an attention whore. The cold has defeated me, so next year look for a blog called Katie and Ben in the Sahari dessert, or Katie and Ben in Hawaii.


  1. Katie, Do you know the actual temp inside your home and classroom? Just curious, I can't imagine being cold all the time. Love your blog. Best wishes from your aunt and uncle in COLD North Dakota. Judy

    1. It's usually in the low 40's, high 30's, usually it's the same temperature inside as outside, Japanese buildings use single pane windows, and have very thin walls.