Sunday, January 27, 2013

For the health of children

In Japan, the emphasis on health is remarkable. Health education starts from the day you enter school. School lunch is designed by nutritionists, made from local ingredients, and generally consists of fish, rice, soup, and a variety of side dishes. The portions are all reasonable, and each student is served between 550-750 calories per meal. Everyday during meal time the ingredients and nutrients are read out loud so that each student can start to get an instinct for healthy foods.
Please read a more in depth article on this topic here:
Washington Post-On Japan's school lunch menu; A healthy meal made from scratch

A healthy meal everyday is amazing, and child health in schools doesn't stop there. Each term the children have a health evaluation, and among other tests, children's weight and height are taken into account. If the child is not healthy, a nurse will talk with the child and their parents, and discuss a plan.

In other countries it's your own prerogative how you treat your body, feed your kids, and maintain your health. In Japan, not only is it a social faux pa to let your physic slide, at the age of 40, it actually becomes illegal be very overweight.
NY Times-Japan seeking trim waists, measures millions

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