Saturday, January 26, 2013

What comes next?

Ben and my contract ends at the end of March, and we have decided not to renew it. We have had a wonderful adventure here in Japan, which has just increased our thirst for world knowledge.

Our plan is to travel Asia for part April, we're waiting to get our next paycheck to buy our tickets. Thailand is our first choice, but right now we're also planning to go to South Korea and either Cambodia or Vietnam.

After we're done in Asia we're going to head back to The States. Ben is trying to get a job with Boulder County Youth Corps, or some other environmental agency. I would like to get a job as a lab tech. We're going to work, live with our parents, and save up as much money as we can.

In August we're moving to Spain! Ben and I are going to teach English in Spain, we don't yet know where in Spain, we're hoping to live in Andalusia. We're going to get our TEFL certifications, in August, and then begin work in September (when the school year starts).

Since the blog is about Katie and Ben in Japan, and I would like to keep it about Japan, I have created 2 separate websites:

 Katie and Ben in Spain
 This is my new blog about Spain. In the next couple weeks, I will be sharing how we're learning Spanish (spoilers, my husband is incredible), how we're preparing for our trip to Spain (Ben and I have learned a lot about moving to a new country the hard way), and even some recipes that I've learned from Spanish friends over the years.
Look forward to this blog in August when our adventure in Spain begins.

Katie and Ben in The World
Ben and I plan on traveling for the rest of our lives, and this is where we invite you to join us. Every blog from Ben and Katie in Japan is posted here, Every blog from any country we visit will be here. This is the spot for anyone interested in following all of our adventures. If you enjoy my writing, I recomend switching over to this website especially starting in April.

I have also included at the top of the page easy tabs so that anyone interested in another location will always have easy access.

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