Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Day

I've been homesick lately. It mostly boils down to not being active and social enough due to feeling under the weather, and so today Ben and I focused on getting our spirits up.
First thing I did when I woke up was try to call my parents, I miss them, and haven't gotten a chance to talk to them in almost a month. Unfortunately, our internet was out, I was nearly in tears over this, while Ben tried to figure out how to fix it, it just wasn't what I needed when I was feeling down. My charming, patient, and very kind husband fixed the problem, and I was able to call my parents. It was exactly what I needed, and felt a million times better after talking to them. After talking to my mom and dad, I called my sister, and talked to her about her up coming wedding. When I was done, Ben got on the phone with his parents, and I showered and got ready for the day.

It was 70 degrees out and sunny today, in a word perfect. Ben and I knew we just wanted to spend the day outside.  We  went to the neighboring town Fujino, and decided to hike and walk around there. We found a beautiful river, and walked along it for a while, and then we took pictures of a cool statue they have on the side of their mountain. Ben and I were really excited when we found some picnic tables, decided to pick up some bentos from a local convenience store, and go sit outside in the beautiful sun.

The convenience store wasn't a large chain, so it didn't have the usual array of snacks, and drinks we were use to. We found two bentos, and tried to pay for them, but the women told us we couldn't buy them. We still have no clue why, but we left and found another place to buy food, we bough fried chicken and veggies. We took our food back to the picnic tables and sat down to enjoy our picnic, when a man came over and started yelling at us. He was using really rude language, and we couldn't really understand him, but it turned out the tables along the river needed to be reserved, and we weren't allowed there. I was pissed as there was no one around despite the fact that it was the nicest day it has been in months, and mumbled and English swear word under my breath.
To be honest I feel like I'm in a petty fight with the culture at the moment, I feel unwelcome (due to a few people in town) and I miss home. I know in about a week I'll be fine, but right now I'm grumpy about all the things about Japan that I don't like (like all the rules, and no out door eating areas, and racism).

Ben and I spent a bunch more time in the sun, walking around in nature. We seem to have gotten enough vitamin D as we are both much more chipper. We're going to play video games, and yell at the TV tonight, and tomorrow we are going to throw beans at demons (spoiler).
This was today... unrefined, un-embellished...

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