Friday, February 1, 2013

What the beep are they saying?

Japanese cars speak Japanese, and American cars speak American… Here is a translation chart. Proceed with caution, American cars use vulgar language.


Fuck you
In rare cases it may mean Hello, look at me, or BOOO
Thank you
Sometimes it also means go ahead, or hello
Flashing the brights
You forgot to turn your lights on dumbass
Your brights are blinding me asshole
Go ahead/you first
You forgot your lights on, but it’s not dark yet
*Japanese are a bit OCD about turning their lights off when not in a tunnel in the dark
Holy Shit my Car is about to Implode
Shit it stalled, and won’t be moving anytime soon
Go around, I’m parking here for a little bit (and I am aware this is the middle of the road)
If the car in front of you flashes their hazards it means thank you for letting me pass/merge in front of you
Tail Gating
Go faster mother fucker
Go faster Bastard
Turn Signal
I may turn/merge … or I may be a million years old
I’m going to turn/merge, Please watch out it may be sudden
No turn signal
Anyone’s guess
I am not going to turn
The middle finger
See “Beep”
Your #1!
I’m a motherfucking American, and I’m going to rip your face off
*This is really dependent on the recipient, the middle finger carries no meaning in Japan.

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