Sunday, March 24, 2013

Down Time

Ben and I have had so little down time lately the days are starting to blur into each other.
We've had several goodbye parties, for ourselves, other coworkers moving onto different jobs, and goodbyes to students, who were the cutest in their inability to convey their strong thoughts and feelings clearly, but still did their best to show me with gestures.
Tomorrow is our last day of work, my last round of goodbyes.
Tuesday we will be trying to pawn off the contents of our house.
Wednessday we will be giving back all the wonderful things that people have lent us, then we will take everything else to a recycle shop and hope they take it all.
Thursday we are going to go look at cherry trees, and then clean like madmen, and say goodbye to everyone at English club.
Friday we return our car, and pack.
Saturday we panic... and wonder how we still have too much to do.
Sunday we have our house  inspection, and then leave for our next adventure with 4 suitcases two backpacks, and our (p/m)urses.
There will be tears, and there will be stupid music, but hopefully everything will go as planned, and Ben and I will be sitting on beaches this time pleased with ourselves.
Gambate ne? (Fight hard huh?)

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