Saturday, March 16, 2013

Walking Tokyo

Our Friend John Mark is still here with us in Tokyo. It's great to have him here with us. He's been adventuring during the day, and then having amazing meals with us at night.

He's been walking a lot, more than I think I could, but he doesn't show any wear. Yesterday he walked from Shinjuku to Shibuya (4 km) and saw some amazing places.

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Today ate lunch in Shinjuku, and then went to Ueno Park. It was a perfect day, sunny and beautiful. The sakura are just starting to blossom, and the trees in Ueno Park were stunning.

We walked from Ueno park to Akihabara. We were planning on walking all the way to Tokyo Station but let ourselves get distracted by the many sights along the way. We checked out a few  shops, and an arcade.

Tokyo has to be one of the most enjoyable cities to just walk. The scenery constantly changes, the people are friendly, there aren't many hills, and the city is amazingly safe.

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