Saturday, August 3, 2013


Data input overload! Critical system crash imminent! Cannot process this influx of information!

Please enjoy delving into my mind, as I take you through the notes I wrote down between yesterday and today:

Don't try to get anything done between about 3:00-5:00. The city looks evacuated during this time, and almost nothing is open. It is way too hot to function during these hours ( 30+ out). I wonder if the siesta is as prevalent during other times of the year.
Gazpacho (before adding in Veggies)
What do the forks mean on the menus? Answer: It's a quality ranking system, 1 fork is the lowest 5 forks is the highest. Cafeteria's have a cup ranking from 1-3 cups.

Menu del dia- AWESOME! Wow the prices on Menu del Dias are fantastic. You can get a two/three course meal for less than the price of one entree. Meals include a beverage (wine, beer, or water... I'm not sure what the standards are), an appetizer, a dish, and a post dish (looks like coffee, tea, espresso... I'm sure I'll sort it out) 

Ben and I had a surprisingly fantastic lunch today: I had a bubbling red wine (I think it was red wine mixed with something) Gazpacho (incredibly delicious, best gazpacho I have ever had!) Fillet with salad (this dish brought me back to Brazil, the steak was cooked just like the beef I had in Brazil, the peice took up half my plate, but it was less then a centimeter thick, perfect amount of meat. The salad was just plain veggies, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper were brought out to the table.) Ben had the sea food option, which was a variety of fish and squid battered and deep fried. After the meal I believe we were offered desserts, but I got confused and didn't completely understand what the cook was saying, I know that we had a choice between espresso, coffee with milk, tea, and a couple other things. The waiter/chef was really friendly and funny, he spoke clearly and let us practice our Spanish with him. He thought Ben was funny. He tried to help Ben out with his choices of meals, but Ben had no idea what was going on. The waiter would ask Would you rather have 1 or 2? to which Ben would smile and nod. The waiter tried to simplify the question by just giving Ben a choice of two words pescado o carne? (fish or meat) but Ben just smiled at the waiter, so the waiter asked if he should just bring out his recommendation.

Dairy free seems like it will be really easy here. Twice at meals I've told the server I can't eat dairy, to which they've responded by recommending the items on the menu that do not contain dairy.

Places advertise being open for 12 hours a day... Haven't seen any 24 hour stores. I wonder what 12 hours the places are open, I assume that means they'll be open during the siesta.

Smiles- Ben and I probably look a little silly walking around with our pearly whites showing here... People don't walk around with smiles plastered on their faces.

Ben and I must be in a gay neighborhood, either that or Spaniards really appretiate the nude male form. There are pictures of men in underwear everywhere we look. 

Tasty art to accompany our tasty meal ;)
Coffee naps are awesome!
Two ounces of espresso with a packet of sugar! YUM!

PDA! Couples are very touchy feely here. A year of living in Japan makes this a bit of a culture shock.

I can't sort through my thoughts, everything to me seems relevant, interesting, and exciting. I still feel a little funny after the flight, and my brain hasn't yet made it to Spain.

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