Monday, August 12, 2013


If I were going to pick a time to come to Madrid, I would skip August. Many of the people leave the city for vacation, which leaves businesses closed and not many events to attend. Everyone I talk to tells me that we won't know what Mardid is really like until September when everyone is back.
The one draw to the city right now are the sales. Ever store has signs in the window that say Rebaja- sale. Clothes are going for up to 50% off of normal prices, as stores clear space for the fall line up. The sale has been going on for almost a month now at this point, so the clothes have been thoroughly picked over, and most of the good stuff is gone, but the prices are amazing, and if you find a diamond in the rough, it's a steal. I bought my self a bathing suit here for three euros.

The stores are starting to stock their fall line up, which I find exciting, Ben and I inadvertently window shop everyday to and from our classes, we walk down the lengths of two outdoor malls on the way home. The clothes look great, and I can't wait to see how to locals look when they are not just fighting the heat.

There should be another sale in January/February too, and maybe by then I'll be able to justify buying some new clothes. For now though I'll just window shop.

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