Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Haul

Ben and I had a lovely Christmas. It was a great way to spend our first Christmas together. We saw the Ballet, ate sushi at our favorite restaurant, and had a beautiful dinner.

Although presents aren't the most important part of Christmas, they do add to the festivities. Ben's grandma sent us a box of gifts, they were wrapped in the comic section of newspaper, which was a wonderful treat for Ben and I. My favorite of the gifts she sent us was the Chocolate, I miss chocolate so much here, and Ben's grandma sent us some delicious orange jelly filled chocolates. Ben's favorite was the Merry Christmas Bean (the beans are branded, so when they grow the leaves read a special christmas message).

Ben got me an adorable necklace with a chipmunk watch face. It masterfully bridges the gab between cute and classy.

Santa got me a Rilakkuma pencil case, it's adorable, and my students are going to be really jealous (Ben told me he had made sure to give santa our forwarding address).

The ultimate gift this year was from my friend Nicole. She said that she had trouble thinking of a gift that she could get to us, so she made a donation in our honor. It is a beautiful gift, I am so glad she thought to give generously as a gift to us.

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