Friday, December 28, 2012


I use to go to North Dakota every Christmas. My parents are from there, and we still have lots of family in the state. Christmas in North Dakota is cold, but not nearly as cold as Japan.

In North Dakota when you walk outside sometimes it is so cold that it hurts to breath, your skin hurts, and your boogers instantly freeze. Why do I say that despite the fact the temperature rarely goes below freezing here that it is colder than North Dakota? Because it is cold inside. Our house has no insulation,  if we sleep without the heater on we can wake up -3 degree house. In our small house, 400 sq. feet, we have no way of heating the whole place, we have one electric heater, and one kerosine heater. The electric heater can't heat the room above 20 degrees, the kerosine heater works great, but smells terrible.

A house feels more like a home when it is a place to come in from the cold. I miss the warms homes back in The States.

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