Monday, May 7, 2012


There seems to be a cultural obsession with foams here. Face washes, body washes, facial masks, hand soaps all are available in super foaming forms. Many foams advertise that they are foamy enough to hold up a 500 yen coin. I am not sure what the obsession is about. I think their fun, but I'm not sure what the advertisers are trying to tell me is so special about foams.

There are many devices for amping up your foam level. There are mortar and pestel looking things that you use to froth the foam into life, there are foaming nosses for soap/shampoo/body wash, there are special sponges, and cosmetic whisks.

I do like the feeling of the tiny bubbles moving and popping on my skin.

The face wash I bought comes with a little piece of netting that is to be used for working the wash into a lather before using it on your face. When I was little and played with toys in the bathtub, I would use barbie doll hair and rub soap on the hair until I got "home made shaving cream". I feel like this little net is the adult version of my barbie doll head.

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