Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day - Gardens

My mother is an amazing gardener. When I've nearly killed something I can take it to my mom, she is my plant hospital. She grows the most beautiful roses in the entire world. Her lawn is so green, so soft, and it has so many layers of manure that you never get stabbed in the food with a stick or pine needle. She grows these snowball flowers that are huge; they are simultaneously humorous and beautiful. In the summer when I go over to my parents house, I don't bother looking for my mom indoors if the sun is up, I know she's gardening. She also grows so many things that you can eat; tomatoes, snow peas, arugula, and spinach. 
My mom's garden is eclectic, and nearly overloaded. I love it. The gardens here are orderly. 

The absolute best part of her garden is her herbs. My mom and dad are an unstoppable culinary team in the summer. My dads a fantastic cook, but he is about 5 times better in the summer with the amazing power of my moms herbs. 

On mothers day I know my mom will spend the day gardening, and will wrap up the evening with an outstanding meal. 

Every time I pass a garden I think of my mom. I want to take her to a botanical garden when she's here.
Here are some of the gardens that made me think of my mom.

The best lawn in town!


  1. I miss you honey. Love, Mom.

  2. I love you too!
    I want to run around barefoot on your grass!