Sunday, May 6, 2012

Harajuku: One Size Fits All

Ben and I were able to withdraw money today! We did not have to pretend that bean sprouts and rice made a delicious meal.

We decided to go into Harajuku. I have lost a lot of weight, and most of my pants are way too big.

I am so excited to be smaller, the last time I looked for clothes here, nothing fit. I am still on the large end of clothes here, but stuff fits me.

Sizes in Japan for girls clothing are very straight foreword. It's one size fits all, most of the time. Shirts and skirts almost always come in the size F/Free/One Size. Most things here labeled F fit me. The biggest issue is bust size. The size F only generally works if your bust size is under 37 inches/94 cm (even that is testing it).

Pants still do not fit me. I am still about 3 inches too wide around the hips to fit into any pants. Even pants labeled LL/XL are too small. Good thing I have nice legs, what a treat for everyone to see my lovely calves as I continue to lose weight. Wish me luck!

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