Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We Got Phones

Phones are a hugely powerful tool.

Without phones Ben and I have had so many difficulties, you can’t get
something delivered unless they have a phone number, you can’t sign up
for point cards or credit cards, we can’t use mobile coupons. It’s
been frustrating. The worst part though has been the social disconnect
it has caused. When we meet someone they want to get your phone number
to make plans, but without one they don’t know what to do. It just
seems too difficult to them to make plans on the spot, and such a
commitment because they can’t adjust them if something comes up. Ben
and I feel like we have finally opened the door to socializing here in
Japan. Already tonight Ben and I are invited to have dinner with a
woman we met.

We decided to get iphones here. We were just too tempted by GPS,
Japanese-English translation, and Skype on our phones. ( I got to call
my sister on my morning walk to school).

I feel almost guilty being so excited about such a materialistic
object, but the phone is so cool. It’s shiny, it helps me, and I am so
much more connected to the world.

I am also excited for the Japanese Phenomenon surrounding phone
accessories. People of all ages use their phone as their own personal
canvas for showing how they are unique.


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  1. Your call was the highlight of my day. I love you Katie!