Thursday, April 12, 2012

English Conversation Club and Town Celebrities

Tonight Ben and I went to Uenohara English Conversation Club. It was really fun! The people in the club are all really good at english, and they are all very interesting people. They meet weekly, and Ben and I are hoping that we can attend regularly. Mr. Kurobe, who has been so kind to us, is part of the club. They asked about some of our idioms, like "I put my foot in my mouth", and "a stroke of luck." Everyone was so kind. They wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. I am so glad we get to meet so many kind people. There was one girl from Canada, she's been helping out in the club for a while. She's part of the JET programme. She was so nice.

I'm having so much fun here. People know about Ben and I, we kind of feel like celebrities. Ben is the tall, skinny, hansom guy. I am "the girl with the hair". I have about one thousand students, most of them live pretty close to me in town. They run up to me when I'm walking around and are really excited just to say a few words in English. I love it. I'm so glad they are excited. They have very high expectations of me. Ganbare! (I'll do my best!)

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