Monday, April 16, 2012

Laundry, Cooking, and Bathroom

Washing Macine
I thought I would talk a little about day to day life here. There are no dryers in Japan. It's very humid, and rains all the time. I miss my dryer. Ben and I are still getting the hang of air drying our clothes. We're not sure if there is a trick to keeping clothes from getting really wrinkly, we seem to have mastered the opposite technique.  We don't technically have a clothes iron, we use my hair straightener. After Ben and I move away from Japan, we are going to start our own new MacGyver show.

Ohh, hair straightener. You are so much more than a beauty tool.

Ben and I love to cook. It's a hobby we love to do together. Our set up here is nothing like our situation at home. We were well equipped at home. We had a large kitchen with lots of cabinet space, and more importantly counter space. Ben and I are pretty clever cooks, so we're making great tasting food still. But it takes a lot more thought. We have a pretty fantastic stove, it's a gas burner system, it can put out some serious heat. It has a small broiler, I'm going to try to bake in it, because I really love baking. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have previously mentioned that bath time here in Japan is magical. They have mastered the whole bathing system. Bathrooms are lined from floor to ceiling (doors and everything). You could do a cannon ball in your bathtub, and the splash wouldn't be a problem. There is a drain in the bathtub, and one on bathroom floor. You can shower on the bathroom floor. The bathtubs are deep, you can sit up right in them, and the water comes all the way up to your armpits. They also have the most amazing water heater. They're called tankless water heaters. You can't possibly run out of hot water. Which is heaven! We can completely fill our bathtub, and then take two showers with no problem at all.

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