Friday, April 13, 2012

My name is panties and AKB48

Boys at all my schools have been walking up to me and saying "Hello, my name is Pantsu" (Pantsu means panties). I make a buzzer noise, and dramatically let them know that I know that's not their name. They instantly feel more comfortable with me, and start practicing whatever English they can. (They still try to trick me, but at least they're practicing english!) It's funny how such a little gesture instantly opens up so much communication.
The girls want to know who my favorite AKB48 singer is. AKB48 is an obsession of many girls in Japan. It's a band consisting of 48 members. They sing very girly pop music, and do very cutsey dances. There are AKB48 stores every where. Just about anything can be found with an AKB48 logo on it. There are even trading cards with the members bios on them. I have chosen Sayaka to be my favorite, because her profile came up easily on my computer.

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