Sunday, April 29, 2012

Internet and Service Providers

Cool Statue
We finally got internet! We have been mooching of a very slow wireless connection up till now, which has been frustrating, especially because we have no other form of connection to the outside world here. We still don't have phones. 

We spent the day cleaning the house and waiting for the cable guy to come. Ben and I had fun, but mostly just because we're easily amused.

Any service man who comes into your house (cable men, TV men, refrigerator delivery men) will come on time in Japan. They also take off their shoes when they enter your home. They bring cleaning tools necessary to clean any possible mess they make. In general they leave your home more tidy then when they arrived. This was a very pleasant surprise for Ben and I.

Ben and I went on a walk today. We brought my camera along because I wanted to show how great I look now. I've lost 20lbs and I feel great! 

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  1. Beautiful, but I want a close up of the fleckles.