Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Lesson and Willy Wonka Elevator

I taught my very first class. It went great. The children learned, the teacher was pleased, and the students were really excited about the class. I really enjoyed teaching too. This job is more fun that most of the jobs I’ve had in my life. Though for the most part I’ve had pretty awesome jobs. I’m really glad I’m teaching elementary school. I think in every respect it’s the right age group for me. I think I’ll learn the most Japanese, I have a more developed skill set with this age group, and the teachers just let me plan and execute my own lessons. The children don’t have any sort of standardized test they have to take on English, so the teachers are very flexible. The teachers don’t speak very much English, so for the most part they defer to my judgment, which is a lot more pressure, but also a lot more rewarding.  My main job is to get them excited about learning English. I absolutely love this job.

I have an amazing journey to school on Tuesdays and Fridays. I take a Willy Wonka elevator up the side of a mountain. It’s beautiful and amazing. The elevator goes diagonally up the side of a mountain. It takes 5 minutes to get from bottom to top.The elevator has glass sides so that you can enjoy the ride. It really feels quite magical.

There is also an escalator option for the rush hour direction.

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