Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Water Bottles and Cherry Blossoms

There are some really odd uses of clear, plastic, water bottles here. Sometimes they are set around doorways, sometimes they are set along paths, or along the edges of yards. Today I saw the extreme case of someone put dozens on their yard. I was told that the bottles are to scare away stray cats or dogs. The light reflecting out of the bottles annoys the them, and when they get close to the bottles they see their reflection, which is big and distorted, and they get scared. People apparently put them on their yards, and around their yards to keep animals from relieving themselves on the yard. It is also suppose to prevent animals from destroying newly planted vegetation. It looks really funny to me.
Here is a link proving/disproving the use of water bottles to scare cats.

The cherry blossoms are finally here! I am so excited. They are late this year, there was suppose to be a festival last weekend for the flowers, but it was postponed. Hopefully, we'll get to celebrate this weekend.  They really exploded out of nowhere. Monday there were no blossoms, but now the the trees are laden with flowers. There are hundreds of trees in the town. Now that they are covered in flowers, they truly are remarkable.

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